Who We Are What We Do
Total Maintenance Erosion Control is an erosion control contracting company, with job sites throughout Central Arizona. We work in conjunction with, and complement the skills of civil engineers and professional land surveyors and landscape architects to provide services and products that are functional and cost-effective.

We have developed a company that optimizes environmental concerns through a vast array of products that are available for erosion prevention. Total Maintenance Erosion Control is continuously improving through regular review and update of existing erosion control policies and procedures. We are experts in erosion control- our experienced, knowledgeable staff will ensure that our solutions meet every site-specific need.

Our company will be responsive in recommending and quoting; we will assure timely delivery and open communications; and we will strive to provide you with the best value delivered to your job site.

At Total Maintenance Erosion Control, we are a company of great people who are committed to serving our customers. Please contact us as we will be happy to discuss your project further and offer our assistance. ROC 200991